Those caring for a seriously ill, frail or disabled person often think that they should be able to provide all of the care that is required on their own, without asking for help. But nothing could be further from the truth.


Share The CareTM is a caregiving model that helps people pool their talents, time and resources to assist a friend or loved one facing a health crisis. No formal training is required - just a genuine interest in helping someone you know.

Share The CareTM evolved over three-and a-half years when a group of women came together to care for a mutual friend with terminal cancer. They developed ways of working so that no one person was overwhelmed and they soon realized that others could benefit from their experience.

Since Share The CareTM has been endorsed by the National Family Caregivers Association, the ALS Association in the U.S. and has served as a grassroots blueprint for other groups in Brazil, Iceland, Switzerland, Israel and here in Canada.


There are many reasons to consider this approach to caregiving. At a time when the health care system is overburdened, when families are smaller and more dispersed and immediate family members are living hectic stressful lives, the Share The CareTM model offers simple yet effective solutions:

  • It spreads the task of caregiving among many people so that no one person is alone, overwhelmed or compromised.
  • It provides guidance on how to call together family, friends, relatives, neighbours, co-workers and acquaintances of a person facing a health crisis.
  • It turns a group of interested caring individuals into a powerful care team.
  • It helps caregivers respond to offers of help.
  • It assists with practical day-to-day needs that can be difficult to carry out as an only caregiver.
  • It makes caregiving a meaningful, loving experience replacing stress, fear and loneliness with teamwork, courage and friendship.


Serenity House Hospice serves as the station for Share The CareTM in Elgin County.

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