HPCO Accreditation


Serenity House Hospice Inc. has completed
the requirements for 

Accreditation Level I & II



 What is a Visiting Hospice?

Trained volunteers promote comfort and self determination, enabling persons to participate in making decisions about what is important at the end of their lives or when recovering from grief.   We offer support to palliative care clients who are within Elgin County and wish to remain in their own homes, live with families or have moved into a more supportive living arrangement, such as a long term care home or hospital.

Our programs provide support and compassion and are not seen as therapy, nor do we provide hands on personal support or health care.  Providing a caring ear and emotional support to both clients and their family members is central to everything that hospice does.

What is the Goal of Accreditation Program?

The goal of the Hospice Palliative Care Ontario Visiting Home Hospice Volunteer Accreditation Program is to ensure the delivery of consistent, high quality home based volunteer hospice palliative care throughout Ontario.

Accreditation is an efficient and effective means of continuous learning and improvement – a provincial benchmark for Ontario hospices. The program is intended to assist each HPCO member in quality improvement efforts as they relate to visiting hospice volunteer client services.

Why Standards and Accreditation?

Provincial standards and accreditation enable hospices to assess and evaluate their competence, service delivery, accessibility, safety and continuity of care.

Are timely and responsive
Enable integration and continuity of care
Acknowledge the desire of individuals to stay at home
Illustrate the need to support informal caregivers
Reflect commitment to continuous improvement
Demonstrate accountability and transparency
Legitimizes the contribution of Visiting Volunteer Hospices

Benefits of Accreditation

Initiating the use of HPCO standards and achieving Level One Accreditation provides a number of benefits for your hospice and your clients including:

Validation of your efforts and contributions
Opportunity for continuous learning and quality improvement
Legitimizes the role and contribution of the hospice and the volunteer
Ensures consistent delivery of services and practices which is essential for clients and their families
Galvanizes and recognizes the team
Provides outcome measurement for funders
Improves risk-management
Focuses on client-centered care with increased organizational confidence