Elgin County's first Hospice Home

A residential hospice is a home away from home offering compassion and caring support  services specifically for those at the end of life’s journey. It will be a welcoming place where  families will feel supported and spend quality time with their loved ones. This will be provided at no cost, with all rooms in the home built for comfort in a way that ensures privacy for our residents, their family and friends.

Our residential Hospice will be an alternative for end of life care with professional care twenty four hours a day. Our residential Hospice will complement the local health care system, freeing up local hospital beds while providing an option when most needed in our community.


The creation of a gentle and harmonious residence with a compassionate and caring environment is an essential part of the concept of Serenity House Hospice care. It will be a beautiful welcoming home surrounded by trees and gardens with all the comforts of a home away from home.

Unique Feature of a Hospice House:

                                                   In room accommodations for overnight stays

wenty-four hour, seven day access for the entire family, including children 

A quiet room with access to a resource library
Open kitchen facilities where home cooked meals can be prepared
Complementary therapies available for comfort or relief of stress
Accessible bathrooms by each room
Play area for children
Pet friendly
Free parking
No hidden fees


"In surveys of public opinion, many people wish to have home-based end of life care. This option is only feasible if a variety of community supports are available. Central in this scheme is access to a hospice that can serve as a placement option for respite or long-term palliative care in a home-like setting. Many communities our size already have hospice care and Elgin County desperately needs this resource as well"

-Dr. Bob Jones-