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»   Dairy farmers consider supply management {view link}

»   Their Soybeans Piling Up, Farmers Hope Trade War Ends Before Beans Rot {view link}

»   Awareness for😂 {view link}

»   Help Brad raise awareness and funds for Movember... another innovative way to get attention for a great cause. {view link}

»   RT @SpencerFernando: FRAUD: Trudeau Liberals Take Break From 'Saving The World,' Cut New Brunswick Power's Carbon Tax Bill By Over 95%. htt…

»   Carbon tax ignores ‘economic reality’ of farmers, say producers {view link} via @ipoliticsca. And no r… {view link}

»   @meslin It is the people who voted though...

»   @NeedlesOnNews So what is the result?

»   CRISIS: Illegal Border Crossings Are Still Going Up In 2018 {view link} via @SpencerFernando

»   Canadians signalling they value Canada's dairy farms {view link}

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