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»   And the consequences?? {view link}

»   RT @MaximeBernier: WLU president finally apologizes to Lindsay Shepherd and admits she did nothing wrong. Should send a warning to universi…

»   AHH.. there is justice..LOL {view link}

»   @PamEmmott LOL

»   @MacSapintosh @MaximeBernier he had the wrong understanding of ag.. otherwise I may have considered..

»   Nice to be popular for giving away money.. but then depend on another govt to take the flack on getting economy bac… {view link}

»   RT @MaximeBernier: That’s where irresponsible “stimulus” policies lead: to growing distortions and imbalances that always end badly. Sustai…

»   @MaureenJ79 Vote for a great cause

»   RT @MaureenJ79: With your support, Childcan can become the 2018 recipient of the Windsor Corp Challenge funding. PLEASE VOTE FOR CHILDCAN a…

»   RT @AskAdamTaylor: @nationalpost I'm always amazed at how climate change is *for our grandchildren* yet same argument on debt doesn't hold.

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