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»   RT @CandiceMalcolm: In case you missed it, here's my latest report on the illegal border crossing on Roxham Road in rural Quebec/ upstate N…

»   RT @SpencerFernando: Trudeau's Weak Border Policy Is A Slap In The Face To Everyone Who Immigrated To Canada Legally. {view link}

»   @MaximeBernier There are more liberals on here than conservatives! They must be worried!

»   Response to Maxime Bernier’s comments on Supply Management {view link}

»   RT @cataa17: @TheTorontoSun Canada's forest use more CO2 than Canada produces

»   REPORT: Haaretz Newspaper Says Trudeau Government To Bring In Thousands Of Rejected Asylum Seekers Being Deported F… {view link}

»   RT @MichelleRempel: What the what??! {view link}

»   RT @SpencerFernando: WATCH: Elitist McKenna Arrogantly Says She Has "No Time" For Canadians Who Disagree With Her. {view link}

»   RT @davidfrum: Mexico each year halts thousands of Central Americans attempting illegal entry into US {view link} If Trump alie…

»   @TVDSB As this the @4HOntario 4H motto I assume it is 4H project accreditation?

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