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»   RT @SpencerFernando: The Canadian Government Has An Obligation To Canadian Citizens, Not Illegal Border Crossers. {view link}

»   SURETTE: World dairy chaos makes supply management a success {view link} via @chronicleherald

»   @peterdiane01 @bryttan77 @MaximeBernier you won't listen to real stats I gather so no need to waste my time..

»   @bryttan77 @MaximeBernier @peterdiane01 Certainly not Bernier... not for the hard working dairy people. Check out… {view link}

»   @bryttan77 @MaximeBernier @peterdiane01 I don't feel that way

»   @jkenney Wow

»   @Franktmcveety Just because illegals are coming through the fencehole does not mean they are asylum seekers. Should… {view link}

»   Great article by Wendy Holm: Much ado about nothing: The story of the American bully and the Canadian cow… {view link}

»   Agriculture subsidies jump 59%: New report on the farm bill {view link}

»   CBC Reporter Sat night reported erroneoulsy that Dairy farmers received subsidy?? Really?? you are just parroting… {view link}

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