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»   Finished planting corn! Pretty special -3 generations in the field: Brian was planting, Son Brad and Grandson Xavi… {view link}

»   The Liberals Keep Lying To Canadians. Why Should They Be Allowed To Regulate Social Media? {view link}

»   Andrew Coyne: Any chance the media bailout would not be politicized has now vanished {view link}

»   Ontario contributes money to project aimed at eliminating cell dead zones {view link}

»   An Open Letter to the Editor of National Geographic Calling Alberta’s Oil Sands “The World’s Most Destructive Oil O… {view link}

»   RT @SpencerFernando: VIDEO: Scheer Rips Trudeau's "Appeasement," Says He Must Remove Canadian Money From Communist-China Controlled 'Develo…

»   Wow. Science based facts. I do believe in climate change, but not taxing it to pretend to make it better. I do… {view link}

»   Giving money to wealthy companies for tbeir own investment decreases crecibility in the liberals creed of 'for the… {view link}

»   @PnPCBC NOT the same thing Trudeau. This exchange was not between colleaugues. It was staff pressuring an AG.

»   @PnPCBC PM explainging that it is female MPs challenging another... This clouds the issue. This exchange was not b… {view link}

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