Grief and Bereavement

Grief is a natural process of coping with loss, which can be a major life changing event. Grief is an emotional response to suffering which occurs when we lose someone or something we loved. The most common loss associated with grief is bereavement which is the death of a loved one, although many other types or grief exist.




  • death of a spouse, close family member or friend
  • death of a pet
  • loss of health ie. diagnosed with life threatening condition
  • amputation of limb
  • loss of relationship ie. breakup, serparation or divorce
  • loss of friendship
  • loss of financial stability or job
  • loss of cherished item


Coping with grief varies greatly from person to person, and each individual has their own way of learning to grieve. How you grieve depends on many things including your personality, style of coping, life experience, faith and nature of the loss. The grieving process takes as long as the indivdual needs to deal with what has happened. The grieving process cannot be forced or rushed.

One of the best ways to deal with grief is to find a support system that works for you. Sharing your loss makes the burden of grief easier to carry. At Serenity House Hospice we offer a variety of programs that can act as a support system for you.


Our programs are offered to you for support, and non judgemental listening. Confidentiality is ensured.

Grief Support:

This is offered through a drop in support group, one on one, or through our 8 week program. Our experts are able to help you through your journey, however complex.

Kids Grief Camp:Kids Grief Camp

Grief Camp helps kids between 5 and 13 to Grieve in a healthy manner * Normalize grief * Understand death and dying * Create new friendships * Improve social skills * Celebrate the life of the love one(s)

Reiki (Complementary Therapy):

A gentle hands on technique using natural energy to create deep relaxation and piece of mind and to balance and heal the body, spirit and mind.

Therapeutic Touch (Complementary Therapy):

An energy field modality that is always individualized and usually does not exceed 20 minutes, bringing about an improved sense of well-being, and providing comfort during distressing circumstances.

Reflexology (Complementary Therapy):

This relaxing technique treats the whole body by working on reflex zones on the feet and/or hands.

Art for the Heart: or Art for the Young Heart:

The creative process of art is used to improve the and enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being for all ages.  Some of the techniques used in this program are often incorporated in a small way into our group sessions.


Learn to find your inner peace for relief of stress and added relaxation with this guided mediation session.

Pathway to Serenity; Moving Forward:

An 8 week program where participants learn tools to help in their journey, as they share and connect with others enduring similar experiences or hurdles.

For more information on the programs and to register, contact

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