Family and Caregivers



A caregiver is someone who is an unpaid relative or friend of an individual who cannot completely care for themselves. This individual may need assistance with activities of daily living due to physical, psychological, or mental disability.

YOU ARE A CAREGIVER IF YOU:                               

  • Take care of someone who has a chronic illness or disease
  • Manage medications or talk to doctors and nurses on someone’s behalf.
  • Help bathe or dress someone who is frail or disabled.
  • Take care of household chores, meals, or bills for someone who cannot do these things alone

Being a caregiver for someone with a life threatening illness can very a very physically and emotionally stressful role. Many caregivers many develop caregiver stress when faced with the role.



  Many caregivers experience:

  • Frustration and anger taking care of someone with dementia who often wanders away or becomes easily upset
  • Guilt because you think that you should be able to provide better care, despite all the other things that you have to do
  • Loneliness because all the time you spend caregiving has hurt your social life
  • Exhaustion when you go to bed at night

Although caregiving can be very stressful, with the right support system it can be very rewarding. At Serenity House Hospice we offer a variety of support servies to caregivers of people with a life-threatening illnesses.



Our programs are offered to you for support, and non judgemental listening. Confidentiality is ensured.

Pamper Day for the Caregivers:

This is a special day to pamper the caregivers. You receive relaxation therapies, an educational speaker, a delicious lunch and a craft to take home. Come and let us take care of you!

Reiki (Complementary Therapy):

A gentle hands on technique using natural energy to create deep relaxation and piece of mind and to balance and heal the body, spirit and mind.

Therapeutic Touch (Complementary Therapy):

An energy field modality that does not exceed 20 minutes, effective in eliciting a relaxation response, reducing anxiety, changing the perception of pain, facilitating the body’s natural restorative process, bringing about an improved sense of well-being, and providing comfort during distressing circumstances.

Reflexology (Complementary Therapy):

This relaxing technique treats the whole body by working on reflex zones on the feet and/or hands.

One to One Peer Support: 

This is an opportunity to share concerns and triumphs with a trained supporter, no matter the circumstance.  

Art for the Heart: or Art for the Young Heart:

The creative process of art is used to improve the and enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being for all ages.

Gentle Yoga:

Classes give you a relaxed experience using awareness  and breathing exercises combined with  practicing precise postures in a chair. 


 Learn to find your inner peace for relief of stress and added relaxation with this guided mediation session.

Share The CareTM Station for Elgin County, with a consultant on staff for your convenience.  For more information visit: 

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Serenity House Hospice Resource Centre,
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