Pamphlets and Brochures, etc.

We have over 200 seperate information booklets, pamphlets and brochures. You can browse them at your leisure at our resource center or we will mail them out to you at your request.

50 Plus Legal Legal scenarios Booklet
5 TO 10 a day Nutritian Eating fruits & vegetables Booklet
Advance Care Directives Legal Making your wishes happen Brochure
A Caregiver's Guide Caregiving A handbook about end-of-life care Book
A Catalogue of Grief Resources Grief Resources for grief Booklet
About Care Partners Caregiving Info sheets about Care Partners Booklet
A Friend in Hope Brain Children's book on Brain Tumours Book
Anticipatory Grief Grief Grief before death Brochure
A Guide for Caregivers Caregiving Info for caregivers Booklet
A Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors in Ontario Seniors Programs available in Ontario Book
A Guide to Advance Care Planning Seniors Ontario government guide to laws on caregiving Booklet
A Guide to Cancer Cancer For cancer patients and their families Booklet
A House Called Helen Palliative Hospice care for children Book
A Model to Guide Hospice Palliative Care Hospice National principles and norms of practice Spiral Bound
A Standard that Endures: MS Contin Pain about MS Contin Brochure
  Lung Info on excercising with COPD Sheet
  Lung A Teacher's Guide to Cystic Fibrosis Brochure
AVISO Palliative Newsletters 3 ring binder
Are you a woman age 50 or over? Cancer Finding breast cancer early Brochure
And Your Cancer Patient Is Sleeping Comft. Pain Info on Hydromorph Contin….sleeping Brochure
Building Bridges to Healthier Canadian Communities Healthcare Info by closing the gap healthcare group Brochure
Bladder Cancer Cancer Info on bladder cancer Brochure
Business Cards Services Business cards and info local services Binder
Bone Cancer Cancer Info on bone cancer Brochure
Brain Cancer Cancer Info on brain cancer Brochure
Breast Cancer Cancer Info on Breast Cancer Brochure
Breast Health Cancer Ways to reduce your risk Brochure
Brain Injury Association Brain Questions and Answers Brochure
B.I.D. Dosage, Administration and other facts for healthcare providers Pain About B.I.D Brochure
Before I Say Goodbye Palliative The final year of Ruth Picardie Book
  Bereavement Coping With Loss Brochure
Breast Self Examination Cancer How to perform a breast exam Brochure
Be Smoke Free Cancer Help to quit smoking Brochure
Brain Tumour Resource Handbook Brain Pediatric Version Book
Chemotherapy Cancer Information on chemotherapy Booklet
Choices Cancer Treatment options for lung cancer Booklet
Cervical Cancer Cancer Info on the cervix Brochure 
Colorectal Cancer Cancer Info on the colon Brochure
Canadian Cancer Statistics Cancer 2005 stats Booklet
  Lung Cystic Fibrosis And Lung Transplantation Brochure
  Lung CF:Confidentiality and Genetic Info Brochure
Cancer Facts for Men Cancer Cancer facts for men Brochure
Canada's Food Guide Nutrition Guide to healthy eating Brochure
  Lung Information on Cystic Fibrosis Brochure
Caring For Loved Ones at home Caregiving Easy-to-follow guide for short or long-term care Book
Caring For Yourself While Caring For Your Aging Parents Caregiving Helpful ideas for caring of aging parents (LL) Book
Care Guide Source for Seniors Caregiving Magazine for seniors Magazine
Community Health & Home Support Services VON Visitation programs Brochure
Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association Palliative CHPAC Info about organization Brochure 
Community Health Services Healthcare Canadian Red Cross services Brochure
Cancer Information and Support Cancer Info on cancer and support Brochure
Canadian Mental Health Association-Elgin Branch Mental Health Info on Mental Health Brochure
Community Plan for End of Life Delivery Palliative March 2005 Elgin County Plan Spiral Bound
Care Partners-Nursing With Our Hearts and Minds Healthcare Care Partners services Brochure
Canadian Red Cross Healthcare Info folder Folder
Crisis & Relapse Prevention Service Mental Health Care Experiencing mental or emotional needs Brochure
Clinical Trials Cancer Information for patients with cancer Booklet
Carrier Testing for Cystic Fibrosis Lung Testing for carriers of Cystic Fibrosis Brochure
Closing the Gap Caregiving Overview of services offered Brochure
Closing the Gap Rehab Express/ Care Plus Healthcare group  Magnet
Coping with Bereavement Grief Dealing with bereavement Brochure
Dying and Death at home Palliative Brochure on dying at home Brochure
Developing a Home Hospice Program Hospice Start-up Manual on Hospice Care (LL)  
  Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Of Breast Cancer Pamphlets
Dying Declarations Palliative Notes from a Hospice Volunteer (LL) Book
Death Without Denial Grief Without Apology Palliative A guide for facing death and loss Book
Do You Need To Talk-Do You Need Help Palliative Hospice info on end-of-life care Brochure
Emphysema And Chronic Bronchitis Lung COPD diagnosis and lung disease Brochure
Eating and Drinking Palliative Info on patient not eating or drinking Brochure
Elgin Community Care Access Centre Info Ministry funded services Brochure
Elgin Community Care Access Centre -Onocology/Palliative Support Services Services CCAC info on available resources in Elgin County Brochure
East Elgin Needs Assessment Hospice Report on Needs Assessment Booklet
Eternal Partnership…"Lets Talk" Caregiving Seminar for caregivers Brochure
Employment Services: Recruiting Solutions Services Recruiting from the March of Dimes Brochure
Easing the Hurt Comfort Booklet - Comfort for Seriously Ill Booklet
Final Exit Suicide Self-deliverance and assisted suicide (LL) Book
Funeral Expenses Funeral Info on where to access funds Brochure
  Cancer Family History of Colorectal Cancer Booklet
For Smokers Who Don't Want to Quit Smoking Facts about your denial of the risks Booklet
For Smokers Who Want to Quit Smoking One step at a time program Book
Feeling Your Best Cancer Prevetion and control of nausea and vomiting due to cancer therapy Booklet
Feed Your Body Right Nutrition Understanding your body chemistry (LL) Book
Guideposts Magazine May 2006 issue Magazine
Guideposts Magazine June 2006 issue Magazine
Guideposts Magazine August 2006 issue Magazine
Guideposts Magazine October 2006 issue Magazine
Grieving: A Way to Heal Bereavement Death of a Baby Brochure
Grief Digest Grief Quaterly Magazine Magazine
Gone From My Sight - The Dying Experience Palliative Process of dying explained clearly Brochure
Getting it all Together Mental Health Info on CMH Brochure
Grief in the Classroom Bereavement When a schoolmate dies Brochure
Grief Management Library Bereavement Tapes on taking you through the Grief process  Tapes
Good Nutrition-A Guide for People With Cancer Cancer/Nutrition A guide for people with cancer  Booklet
  Lung Get On Track Brochure
Good Nutrition-A Resource for Families of Children With Cancer Cancer/Nutrition A resource for families of children with cancer Booklet
Guide to Drugs in Canda Drugs Listing of all drugs with their info (LL) Book
Grief - Understanding the Side Effects of Grieving Bereavement To help understand the other symptoms experienced when a child dies Brochure
Hereditary Breast Cancer Cancer Info on hereditary disposition for cancer Cassette & Booklet
Hodgkin's Disease Cancer Info on  Hodgkins Disease Brochure
Honestly, Does Your Current Job Start Like This Healthcare Care Partners services Brochure
Helpful Hints for the Newly Diagnosed Cancer Helpful hints Brochure
Hospice/Palliative and Home Care Palliative Manual on Palliative Care 3 ring binder
Hospice Palliative Care Visiting Program Palliative VON info for visitation Brochure
Helping Someone With Cancer Cancer How to act around a person with cancer Brochure
How To Help When a Child Dies Bereavement To help someone who has had their child die Brochure
How to Live With Your Heart Heart Guide to a healthy heart Book
Hospice Volunteer Program Healthcare VON Volunteer info Brochure
Helping Women with Cancer Cancer Beauty workshop information Brochure
It's 4 am and Your Cancer Patient is Sleeping Comfortably Cancer pain management Brochure
If Cancer Returns Cancer Meeting the challenge again Booklet
If Cancer Recurs-Meeting the Challenge Again Cancer Meeting the challenge again Booklet
I Don't Know What To Do…. My Loved One Isn't Eating  or Drinking Palliative Guide for feeding a terminally ill patient Booklet
In Difficult Times, Compassionate Care Educational Guide To EI Benefits When Ill Brochure
Information Health Services Emotional Support Cancer For cancer patients and their caregivers Brochure
I'm Here to Help Palliative Resource for caregivers Book
Ipsos Reid Hospice Hospice Palliative Care Study - Final Report Jan/04 3 ring binder
Is There Anything I Can Do To Help? Grief Suggestions for friends and relatives of grieving survivor Brochure
Kidney Cancer Cancer Info on the kidneys Brochure
Keeping Seniors Independent Seniors Independent living for seniors Brochure
Kitchen Table Wisdom Comfort Stories that Heal Book
Know Your ABC's Cancer Moles and Melanoma Bookmark
Leukemia Cancer Info on white blood cells Brochure
Looking Ahead…a handbook of survivorship issues Cancer Survivorship issues Booklet
  Lung Leaving A Legacy Brochure
  Cancer Looking At Lung Cancer Brochure
Laryngeal Cancer Cancer Info on the larynx Brochure
Lung Cancer Cancer Info on lungs